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What’s in the Rebid Centre

The Rebid Guide
We have copied the ideas from the rebid guide onto the appropriate pages across the Centre so they can be found with the other advice we produce. But if you want to download the whole Rebid Guide you will find it here

This page contains all the articles included in our regular newsletters.

Rebid Overviews
This area of the site contains papers and advice on overviews of the whole rebidding process. For example you will find the results of the recent survey we ran with procurement professionals on their views of incumbents’ rebids and how they think they could be improved – together with our analysis of the results and lessons for incumbents

Run your contract
Here we focus on advice and ideas for operators of contracts. How you deliver the contract has a real impact on your chances of winning the rebid. The advice, tools and techniques in this section help operators and managers of contracts put in place the actions and processes which will improve delivery, build better customer relationships and put the contract in the best position possible when the rebid comes around. Even if you are at the start of your contract you will gain by putting these actions in place now to build your reputation with the customer as the type of partner they want to keep working with into the future.

Prepare for rebid
Preparing properly for your rebid is one of the most important benefits you can gain as the incumbent. Failing to prepare properly can put you on the back foot and means you are not in a good position to deliver the best rebid proposal possible. This section of the Rebid Centre includes plans, actions and tools you can use to put in place the best possible rebid preparation phase.

Run the rebid
This page is for bidders involved in rebids. The advice, tools and processes in this section can be added to your standard bid processes to help you make the most of your position as incumbent, and avoid the mistakes many incumbents make when planning and writing their rebids.

Sometimes we are asked to help companies win a specific rebid, or advise and help with putting in place a full change programme to improve rebid win rates across a whole business. Here you will find a summary of the services we can provide to help you win rebids and put in place processes and training to improve your rebid win rate.

We are always looking for feedback to improve the Rebid Centre. Whether it is a comment on one of the articles or papers, an area you would like to know more about for your rebids, or feedback on the site, please let us know and we will get back to you as soon as we can.