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The Rebid Centre is the ultimate source for advice, information, tools, techniques and processes to help you win your rebid and improve your contract retention.

Running your contract

The Rebid Centre gives you the tools and techniques to improve contract delivery and build better relationships to put you in the best position when your rebid comes around

Preparing for Rebid

The Rebid Centre shows you how to prepare and implement your rebid preparation process and recapture plan. It helps you understand the changes the customer will need, prepare your team and your solution.

Running your Rebid

The Rebid Centre gives you the techniques to make the most of your incumbency in your submission – and avoid the pitfalls that could cost you the win

Managing your contract portfolio

The Rebid Centre shows you the processes, actions and approaches you can put in place across your portfolio to increase retention rates

The latest best practice tools & processes to help you win

With step by step guidance to help you understand and put into practice on your rebid


Every section of the Rebid Centre has dozens of  ideas and  approaches to use on your contract and in your rebid

Each idea contains a clear explanation of the technique, with step by step guidance, examples, processes  plus tables and lists for you to complete for your own rebid

Information in the areas that count

The Rebid Centre contains best practices built from 20 years experience in reviewing, running and winning rebids, in surveys of procurers and running rebid training workshops across 13 countries. From the only business focussed entirely on helping organisations win rebids and retain more business: Rebidding Solutions

The Rebid Centre gives you access to sections on

Running your contract - to put you in the best position for rebid
Preparing for rebid - ensuring you make the best preparations possible
Running your rebid - the approaches that make the most of your incumbency and help you put in a winning submission
Rebidding Overviews - Programmes to implement across your contract portfolio
Articles - all the articles and presentations we publish on the lastest in rebidding
The Rebid Guide - The most comprehensive book available on Rebidding best practice (sale price £125) is included in the Rebid Centre to download free

A year long training programme, available 24 hours a day

Access what you need, when you need it
Test and implement each idea and technique at your own pace
Make sure your team are all ‘on the same page’
Combine with company development programmes to focus on specific areas
Learn as an individual or as a team
Focus on contract delivery, rebid preparation or rebid writing
Adapt to fit your own company processes
Develop your own company best practices in rebidding


Individual subscription

Take out an individual subscription for the Rebid Centre below.
For £79 for the first year, and £49 renewal fee each year following you will get your own password and login plus 24 hour access to all areas of the Rebid Centre

Company subscription

Take out a Company subscription for your team – whether for your Bid Team, Contract and Account Managers or both, and get a significantly lower price per person.

Use it to develop your team and drive best practice across the business. We can even set up your own company Rebid Centre using our library of best practice, adapted to fit your own business processes and structure.
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Try before you buy

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Need direct support?

The information in the Rebid Centre is based on the experience, research , and work conducted by Rebidding Solutions and our team over the past 20 years of involvement in rebids.

As well as running the Rebid Centre we work directly with companies to help them win more rebids. To see more visit our consultancy site at: